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Durga Rating: 3/5

Banner               : Parameswara Arts

Casting               : Pawankalyan,Trisha

Producer            : Ganesh Babu

Director              : Jayant C.Pharanji



First half:-

*Opening shot in Varanasi, Pawan`s two roles were introduced in a voice over.
*First song started Chigurubonia, as we all now set in a beach with foreign babes. Photography is okay.
*Trisha enters scene at the end of the song. Pawan – 1, Michael a working chef in Bangkok.
*Pub scene and 2 times liplock follows same as in Love Aajkal.
*Pawan aka Michael`s dailogues lack clarity here, a variety modulation. Heavy dosage of romance, one more liplock, Michael luck boy!! .
*Ok fastforward mode, after 1year Michael neglecting Meera aka Trisha. Complete LAK scenes.
*Michael dont believes in long relationships, so a break and a break up party too!
*Paresh rawal aka Senapathi lingam enters, discussion on break up.
*Trisha moves to india, Senapati introduces Arjun Palwai, Pawan2 to Michael, Varanasi episode now.
*Arjun the student leader entry with a fight, student leader then 2nd heroine basumati aka kriti entry.
*2nd song vayarala started, good number. Best part of the movie till now is this song, nothing else to go gaga over.

*Basumati`s father rejects Arjun`s marriage proposal. Its curtains for the college life of our 2nd heroine
*The scenes are shuffling from the Michaels`s story to Arjun`s. Trisha goes for a date with a guy with michael`s acceptance!.

*3rd Song Basti dorasani started. This pub song is good, `Pawan style` steps!!.
*Now the 3rd heroine, foriegn lady. fight and date, Trisha finds sonusood reliable pawan say he`s fine with foriegn one. Interval

*First Half Report: A mixed bag with its share of a few good moments, but a very average fare. Trivikram punch is largely missing, 2 songs and a few scenes of arjun palwai were good.

*2nd half  

*4th song ` Mahasiva` started, good number
*Some Trivikram punches here
*Pawan is back to india, on a mission to rekindle romance with trisha it

*sems, meanwhile 5th song Aale bale is here.
*Ale bale picturised well, Pawan did actually try to dance too
*After a good 15 minutes, a poor comedy track now, Ali with Pawan and Trisha.

*Trisha reveals her marriage plans, Pawan in Michael in confusion
*On that side in Varanasi Arjun is still fighting for Basanti, Good dailogue here.
*Pawan proposes to Trisha, some sentiment here

*Trisha marries.., michael in depression…movie slowed down
*As usually, Now our heroine realises michael`s value, but 6th song Gelupu thalupule..
*Pawan, Trisha completely in love now

*on that note, michael is also fighting for his other lady 3rd heroine.
*Ok, its job or trisha..michael chooses the later
*Michael returns to india, Ajun comes up to basanti, one more fight

*Arjun finally gets his love and michel is still fighting and arguing with trisha`s hubby.
*Her hubby reveals a twist and it all ends happily for the lead pairs

Durga Analysis:-

*Pawan Kalyan one man show.
*Week Dubbing, Some of the  dialogues are not connecting to the mass audience.
*Songs  Picturisation is very good.

*Pawan kalyan is looking old in teenmaar movie.

*Trivikram part is good.

*Unnecessary fights.

*Movie would be more good if it has been directly remake from hindi movie 'Love aaj kal" witout modifying the original story. Story is bit changed from the original "love aaj kal" movie.

Single Line Comment:- See it For Pawan Kalyan.





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